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Lori Paine Resigns as Executive Director

May 3, 2023, Calgary Alberta


The Calgary Seniors’ Resource Society Board of Directors has accepted the resignation of Lori Paine, our Executive Director. Effective immediately, Annastasia Stevens and Joel Sinclair will commence as Acting Co-Executive Directors.

After almost 15 years with Calgary Seniors’ Resource Society, Lori Paine resigned as Executive Director effective May 3, 2023. The Society made numerous significant contributions to the community under Lori’s leadership, and Lori built a strong team who are ready for the challenges ahead. We greatly appreciate Lori’s many years of dedicated service and wish her the best as she moves on to new opportunities.

Lori leaves Calgary Seniors and Community in a position of strength having successfully led the organization in achieving unprecedented progress and outcomes. As a compassionate and caring leader who believed in “radical social work”, she broke down barriers and created deep and meaningful strategic partnerships with the University of Calgary, the Way In Network, and other senior-serving organizations within the community; she was instrumental in the creation of Top 7 over 70 and helped to make the Third ACTion Film Festival a reality; and her visionary and innovative approach resulted in the creation of the KINDred Seniors Housing with Supports program, which has housed over 20 seniors experiencing or at risk of experiencing homelessness.

“I want to thank you all for a wonderful and memorable almost 15 years with Calgary Seniors,” says Lori. “The growth and successes we have achieved together has been phenomenal and truly a privilege – I am humbled to have worked with such a great team over the years. The difference made in the lives of thousands of seniors across our city and beyond is truly remarkable.”

We are certain that Lori will continue to add value to older Calgarians and Albertans while remaining a champion of Calgary Seniors and its mission.

“On behalf of the Board, I thank Lori for her tremendous contribution as the Executive Director of Calgary Seniors’ Resource Society. And while it will be impossible to replace her deep compassion and commitment to our organization, we will continue to work hard, together, to advance our mission of cultivating, coordinating and providing personalized client-centered supports, services, and connections to help older Calgarians on their aging journey,” 

Miguel Kanafany
President & Board Chair
Calgary Seniors’ Resource Society

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