Calgary Seniors Resource Society has been mobilizing volunteers to provide essential services to seniors for more than 25 years, and our Seniors Social Supports team is drawing on this depth of experience working with volunteers and senior clients to adapt and respond to the emerging needs.

As the COVID-19 situation continues to unfold, many people are asking what they can do to help those most impacted and at highest risk – seniors.

We have heard from our senior clients that they are concerned about their health. They are concerned about how they can get the day to day items, like food and medications, they depend on. They are concerned about their beloved pets and how they will continue to care for them if they can’t leave their homes, or worse become ill.

Many seniors are also socially isolated, and often have no one to talk to about their fears and anxieties. This can lead to increased risk of mental illness, including things like depression and even suicide.

Some seniors have difficultly discerning between real and fake news, and these seniors may need assistance assessing credible information that will keep them healthy and safe.

As a result, Calgary Seniors has modified its current Seniors Social Support Programs to offer a fast, effective volunteer delivered set of services that will help address some of the most pressing concerns described above. Please consider volunteering to support seniors in our community. 


Our volunteer programs are listed below with how to apply.



We are in need of Practical Kindness volunteers who will be responding to urgent requests from vulnerable seniors including:

  • One time transportation (urgent but not medical, examples: bank, pharmacy etc.)

  • Other urgent requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis

We ask that volunteers:​

  • have a vehicle that can safely transport a senior client

  • demonstrate they have a minimum of $1,000,000 vehicle liability insurance

  • be flexible regarding timing and types of requests





We are in need of volunteers to provide social support to a senior to allow their caregiver to have a much needed break.

We ask that volunteers:

  • be able to provide two hours of companionship per week (ideally during the day on weekdays)

  • be willing to commit to weekly visits for a minimum of six months




We are in need of volunteers for our adapted Escorted Transportation program "Essential Transportation" to support vulnerable seniors to get to their essential medical appointments.


We ask that volunteers:​

  • have a vehicle that can safely transport a senior client

  • demonstrate they have a minimum of $1,000,000 vehicle liability insurance

  • be available during weekdays



We are in need of volunteers for our Pet Assist program who will be providing support to vulnerable seniors and their pets including:

  • Pet supply deliveries (food etc.)

  • Pet support while mitigating risk by practicing social distancing

We ask that volunteers:​

  • be available 1-2 hours per week

  • love animals as well as seniors :)

We are in need of volunteers who are able to drop off items to vulnerable seniors who are in need of:

  • Food and groceries

  • Toiletries 

  • Medications 


Please note: 

  • The volunteers will only be dropping-off (no visiting or transportation provided)

  • Social distancing will be implemented  

We ask that volunteers:

  • be flexible regarding timing and types of requests

We are in need of volunteers to provide social support via telephone to vulnerable seniors. The program will be open to all seniors who are in need of a reassuring and friendly voice. Volunteers are asked to be in regular phone contact with these seniors to provide social support. 


We ask that volunteers:

  • be able to provide a minimum 30 minutes of telephone support per week

  • be willing to commit to phone calls 2-3 times per week 

Senior's Stories:

"I cannot thank you and the volunteer enough for getting food to me for my little Maui, he was a few weeks without treats or his regular food and I was starting to get really concerned! I've been having to order food for the past few weeks through Sobey's online delivery system and it's been costing me more as I usually shop at Walmart and am a bargain shopper. As a result I've been eating peanut butter and bread mostly. I was saving up to by food for Maui, and I went to order it off of Sobey's website but they gave me a delivery date in nearly three weeks.. I don't know what I would have done without your help. And now I can get back to my normal diet too"  - Linda A., 69


"I'm just reaching out because I am all alone and didn't have anyone else to call, I need help" - Jeanette J., 78


"I'm 98 you know, my body doesn't take me very far anymore so I am used to staying home. My hearing is poor but I am lucky to still have my sight so I can still keep up my reading. If I didn't have the volunteer drivers to help me get to my eye injections every few months, I doubt I would still have my sight, I don't even like to think about what that would be like. Thank goodness you're still able to get me there among everything that is going on. You are such wonderful people" - Myrtle M., 98