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Celebrating Yesterday
We celebrate the three seniors serving organizations who had the courage to merge and form a united Calgary Seniors on July 1, 1995.  This collaboration, to better deliver their core services for disadvantaged seniors in our city, included programs that are still pillars today:  Volunteer Escorted Transportation, Volunteer Friendly Visiting and Professional Social Work Outreach.  

Innovating Today

Since 1995, Calgary Seniors has evolved and adapted with strategic and mindful innovations, expanding our volunteer and social work programs to meet the growing and changing needs of our seniors. As the baby boomers continue to age, and with Gen X closing in fast, we must continue this spirited growth to meet evolving needs and challenges. 

Inspiring Tomorrow
We see a future where no senior is alone and struggling. This future includes strategic prevention and early intervention. This future includes communities working together to support each other. In this future, seniors are valued and respected. We hope you will help us inspire and realize this future!

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