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SeniorConnect provides urgent, short-term social work intervention for older adults in our community who need support. Whether they're struggling to meet basic needs, finding it hard to access formal services, feeling unsure about asking for assistance, or have been noticed by others as needing help, we're here to provide timely social work intervention.



Social Work Intervention – Prevention and Stabilization:

  • Holistic needs assessment.

  • Assistance in accessing basic needs support (e.g. clothing, food, medication, community referrals, etc.).

  • Stabilizing housing (where possible) or accessing alternative seniors’ independent community housing (applicable to housing providers’ wait times).

  • Connecting to appropriate long-term community supports to enhance well-being, build capacity, reduce social isolation, and prevent further crises.


Community Support:

  • Accepting referrals for older adults who may be in need, isolated from formal support and services, and hesitant to reach out.

  • Completing in-person cold calls to connect with the older adult and offer support and services.

  • Providing information on resources and systems navigation for families when older adults are unwilling to engage with support and services.


Community Education:

  • Providing community and agency presentations on identifying at-risk older adults and connecting them to appropriate support and services.




SeniorConnect Cannot:

  • Respond to situations requiring emergency services (medical response, active mental health crisis or suicidal ideation, active safety risk). Connect with appropriate First Responders (EMS, fire, police, MRT, PACT).

  • Provide a duplication of services if older adults are connected to appropriate support and services.




If you are concerned about an older adult and believe they are at-risk, please call The Distress Centre 24-hr help line at 403.266.4357 and explain your concerns to the call operator.

Tel: 403-266-6200
Fax: 403-269-5183

Open Monday to Friday

8:30 am to 4:30 pm

General Inquiry

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