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Calgary Seniors Resource Society has been mobilizing volunteers to provide essential services to seniors for more than 25 years, and our Seniors Social Supports team is drawing on this depth of experience working with volunteers and senior clients to adapt and respond to the emerging needs.

Below we have outlined our volunteer intake process which explains what you can expect when you apply to become a volunteer! Through this process we are better able to ensure that both our seniors and volunteers are set up to have a positive and fulfilling experience. Although our volunteer intake process may seem complex at times, it is important that we screen all of our volunteers who apply since we are serving a vulnerable population. If you have any questions about the process please email us at

Our volunteer intake process is explained below with a link to apply.


(10 - 15 minutes)

To begin volunteering with Calgary Seniors please use our online application form. This form asks you a few preliminary questions in order for us to determine if you might be a good fit for our organization.


(2-4 weeks)

After the volunteer interview, you will be asked to complete some documentation before you can begin volunteering. This includes a vulnerable sector background check which can take as little as two weeks, but may take up to four. Depending on the program, you may also be required to provide a 5 - year driver's abstract, and proof of insurance.


(1-14 days)

Within a few days of submitting your application, a volunteer coordinator will be in touch with you to schedule a volunteer interview. These interviews usually take place 1-2 weeks after the application is submitted and lasts 20 - 60 minutes.


(1.5 - 2 hours)


After the interview you will also be asked to complete the core volunteer training. The training includes a zoom link to watch a training video, and a quiz to be completed after the training. The video is 1 hour, and the quiz is 18 questions.


(5 minutes)

During the interview the volunteer coordinator will help you narrow down which programs you are best suited to volunteer in.


(1 - 2 days)

Once we have completed the intake process, a program coordinator will be in touch with you in a few days. They will send you an email that includes a welcome package. Please check your junk mail as the email are often filtered there.


Congratulations! You are now a volunteer with Calgary Seniors Resource Society!

Senior's Stories:

"I cannot thank you and the volunteer enough for getting food to me for my little Maui, he was a few weeks without treats or his regular food and I was starting to get really concerned! I've been having to order food for the past few weeks through Sobey's online delivery system and it's been costing me more as I usually shop at Walmart and am a bargain shopper. As a result I've been eating peanut butter and bread mostly. I was saving up to by food for Maui, and I went to order it off of Sobey's website but they gave me a delivery date in nearly three weeks.. I don't know what I would have done without your help. And now I can get back to my normal diet too"  - Linda A., 69


"I'm just reaching out because I am all alone and didn't have anyone else to call, I need help" - Jeanette J., 78


"I'm 98 you know, my body doesn't take me very far anymore so I am used to staying home. My hearing is poor but I am lucky to still have my sight so I can still keep up my reading. If I didn't have the volunteer drivers to help me get to my eye injections every few months, I doubt I would still have my sight, I don't even like to think about what that would be like. Thank goodness you're still able to get me there among everything that is going on. You are such wonderful people" - Myrtle M., 98

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