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In this video, Dave Kelly interviews Rossbina Nathoo, founder of F.O.C.U.S. on Seniors (a grassroots organization that connects seniors in Calgary's NE with care packages, meals, activities, and more)

Dave Kelly interviews Calgary Seniors' client Sheila Fochuk. As Dave says, "Sheila understands what it can feel like to be isolated. She wanted to help others experiencing loneliness. So she created the 'Hug-Me' pillow for seniors in need of a hug."

Dave Kelly interviews Jim Gray and Marcy Krafft from Top 7 and InterGen. According to Dave, "Jim had a vision to highlight accomplishments of Calgary seniors, with a 'Top 7 over 70' list, and from it, InterGen was born.

Dave Kelly interviews senior Linda Dickinson and volunteer Tiffany Hui, who have been matched in the "Shopping Companion" program since 2015. As Tiffany says, "After being with Linda for over 5 years now, I realize I've made a friend."

Dave Kelly interviews volunteer Roger Marple, "a great neighbour making a difference." Roger was diagnosed with dementia in 2015, and he has made it "his mission to dispel the myths and stigma associated with the disease."

In this video, Dave Kelly interviews volunteer Rupert MacBeath, who has completed 158 rides, 61 grocery drop-offs, and 43 mail-outs since joining the organization. As Rupert says, "There is no halfway with me."

We are happy to announce that Calgary Seniors’ has been awarded the "Community Advocate – Organization” award by the City of Calgary at the Calgary Awards 2020. 

In this video, Calgary Seniors’ very own Brittany Romansky talks about our Cheer Mail program.  The University of Calgary is a huge supporter of this initiative.

Calgary Seniors' belongs to The Way In Network, a collaboration of four agencies, who provide various services across the city through 403-SENIORS (403.736.4677). Learn more by watching this awesome video! 

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