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Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee Medal

Presentation Ceremony - March 10, 2023, Calgary Alberta


This commemorative medal was created by the Government of Alberta to mark the 70th anniversary of Her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s accession to the Throne as Queen of Canada. 

The Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee Medal (Alberta) is a tangible way to honour Her late Majesty for her life of service to this province and country. At the same time, it serves to honour significant contributions and achievements by Albertans. During the Platinum Jubilee year, 7000 deserving Albertans will be recognized throughout the province.

Calgary Seniors' Resource Society is proud to have nominated the following recipients:

Tiffany Hui: is a Shopping Companion volunteer and has been involved with us for over 8 years. She also helped the organization through COVID, helping to deliver meals and support to seniors.

Frank Wong: is a driver in our essential transportation program and has driven for us for over 22 years! He is always dependable and will always put in the extra effort, when asked.

Colin Grant: is also a driver in our essential transportation program and has given us over 12 years of service.

Robert Palmer: is also a driver in our essential transportation program for over 2 years, and volunteers with us almost every single day.

Jackie Mork: has over 12 year of service volunteering with Calgary Seniors and truly cares and is supportive of seniors needs.

Kelly Weger: has been involved with many of our volunteer programs over the last 3 years and is also a donor who truly cares about supporting seniors in our city.

Roy Ponte: With over 20 years of service, Roy has driven over 100,000 km in service of seniors and is loved by many of our clients. Roy is also a donor and long-time supporter of seniors in Calgary.

Linda Studer: is a driver in our essential transportation program and has been volunteering for over 10 years. Linda was also instrumental in delivering meals to seniors through the pandemic.

Monique Beaumont: has been involved in our shopping companion and practical kindness programs for over 5 years.

Susan Tyrrell: As a member of our friendly check-in team, Susan has been assisting seniors for over 12 years and is always available for seniors who are in distress.

Pam Hommy: For over 4 years, Pam has been involved in our practical kindness program and was instrumental in delivering meals to seniors through the pandemic.

Bev Broadhurst: has been volunteering with Calgary Seniors for over 12 years in our friendly visiting program and works with very complex and challenging clients, including those with dementia.

Susan LeBlanc: As a volunteer with over 6 years of service, Susan has been a member of our essential transportation program and always goes above and beyond in providing extra support and reassurance to our clients.

Annastasia Sommer-Stevens: Starting in Volunteer Services, Anna has always had a passion for connecting seniors with caring community members who offer practical, social and emotional supports and assist with daily living. By effectively engaging community and volunteers she has grown Calgary Seniors significantly over the years by adapting to meet the needs and gaps in services for seniors in our city. Leading a team of 12, she has established one of the strongest volunteer contingents in the province, and western Canada.

Dianne Cooper-Ponte: has contributed much to seniors in Calgary. She has been a volunteer, worked in Volunteer Services, and then moved to fund development and data management, eventually leading the fund development team at Calgary Seniors. She has built many close partnerships that have benefitted the agency and was instrumental in our partnership in Top 7 Over 70.

Sandi Hirst: has held a number of leadership positions in Gerontology including: President of the Canadian Gerontological Nursing Association and President of the Canadian Association of Gerontology. She served a three-year appointment from the Prime Minister to sit on the National Seniors Council. Her scholarship focuses on the abuse of older adults and the experiences of older adults in long-term care facilities. Sandi was the Director of the Brenda Strafford Centre for Excellence in Gerontological Nursing from 2008 to 2013. She has been a cheerleader of Calgary Seniors’ work and was an active Board member from 2011-2016.

Anne Toohey: As scientific coordinator, Ann manages all aspects of the Brenda Strafford Centre on Aging administration that promotes and supports interdisciplinary aging research and education undertaken by faculties across the U of C. Her overall aim and work at the centre is to enhance the health and wellness of older adults and better inform public policy on issues pertaining to the aging population. She is currently part of the research team including the U of C evaluating our SeniorConnect program.

Mitzi Murray: started Third Action film festival in 2017 and has grown the festival from 9 screenings of 31 films to what it is today. She weathered two years of the pandemic through an increased number of local, national and international film offerings while expanding into talks and screenings outside of the normal festival dates. Through the power of storytelling and film, Third Action’s goal is to reduce stigma and build resiliency for older persons, while redefining the narrative around aging. In collaboration with community, Mitzi has provided a vehicle through which the issues, challenges and joys of aging can be addressed.

Mark Kolesar: has loyally served Calgary Seniors for more than 13 years. Mark started out in 2010 as a volunteer driver in our Essential Transportation program and then became a board member, filling several executive positions, including Chair for many years. Mark continues to lead the organization into the future through his current role on the board. His early beginning as a volunteer driver have created a special connection with the senior clients and staff which is clearly demonstrated by his passion, kindness and approachability.

Dave Kelly: has been a fixture in Calgary media and television for decades, and he has made a marked difference in our city through his support of non-profit agencies in Calgary.

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