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Calgary Seniors is a bold and visionary leader that is trusted and relied upon to provide essential and urgent services to older persons facing age-related challenges in Calgary. For over two and a half decades we have blended social work when appropriate, urgent supports when needed, and coordinated a network of volunteers who provide the depth of care and connections that create meaningful and effective change in seniors’ overall well-being and quality of life.

What makes us so unique is that we effectively combine social work/outreach with volunteer programming and community engagement. Not only do we assist in crisis situations, but we provide ongoing support to ensure older persons are supported appropriately, long term. We accomplish all of this through the hard work of our dedicated staff, including a team of registered social workers and volunteer coordinators, as well as the time and effort of thousands of volunteers.  


Our COVID-19 Response


Calgary Seniors is committed to keeping our clients, volunteers and staff safe and healthy. We care deeply about the well-being of our people, and we are ensuring those who need help get it quickly and effectively.


Although our office is closed to walk-ins, we are open by appointment only depending on the circumstances and are available by phone or email anytime. We will continue to implement new strategies to reach those seniors who are most at risk, enabling them to receive critical social, emotional and practical support during the current state of restrictions and the uncertainty they bring.


Calgary Seniors adheres to all mandatory AHS guidelines - sign-in protocols, mask-wearing and hand washing/sanitizing policies, social distancing and constant disinfection of shared spaces.


As leaders in volunteer mobilization and community outreach, Calgary Seniors is adapting our service delivery to continue to provide critical supports for seniors.

"I know I can always count on you guys to help me even in a big crisis like this"
-Senior Client